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AI Crypto – AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy

AI Crypto creates an AI ecosystem based on blockchain therefore, contributing to the development of AI industries. NECESSARY AI COMPONENTS GPU - Provides AI Crypto PLATFORM to ensure the rightful use of GPU Network. DATA - Provides a blockchain-based platform that can create, distribute, and reward the AI learning data. MODEL - Provides a Machine-Learning model to reduce costs and enhance convenience.   Artificial Intelligence for What? Since the appearance of Cybernetics in the early 20th Century, many Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientists and engineers went through numerous trials and errors to prove, realize, and sometimes dismiss and fail various theories to understand intellectual behaviors of human. Regardless of the questions asked and how we answered them, what is the ultimate goal for AI research? It is not to fulfil the intellectual curiosity but when it comes to serve the mankind, that is the reason why our AI Crypto Team is dedicated to AI. Blockchain is emerging to be the topic of conversation. It is a revolutionary idea as it is shifting the paradigm of existing technology. Not only blockchain is a technological innovation based on an open idea, we cannot disregard the fact that people are fascinated over cryptocurrencies based on blockchain. Are we just going to treat this innovation as the ‘Tulip Fever’? Artificial intelligence is a technology that can change our future, but the monopoly of research and development resources is a big problem. Artificial intelligence research requires three elements: data for learning, artificial intelligence algorithms, and computing power. The data generated by ordinary users is dominated by few big corporations such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. Many of the people who develop algorithms work for giants such as Google, Baidu and IBM. Dominant players in the computing power market are again for Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. If the research and development of artificial intelligence proceeds as it is, artificial intelligence will become the property of these giant corporations rather than human assets. We, the AI Crypto Team, as artificial intelligence researchers, propose AI Crypto Ecosystem as a global shelter to make artificial intelligence a property of humanity. Individuals are willing to provide their own idle resources of computing power, to create data needed for artificial intelligence research and to be compensated for their worth. In addition, the AI Crypto Society, an alliance of AI researchers, developers and start-up companies, aims to share their capabilities in the AI field so that fair compensation can be made. Artificial intelligence should be the property of all mankind, not private property of a certain.